Magnificent mosaic tiles for beautiful home

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Mosaic tiles in recent years have become very popular. These tiles are easy to manipulate and set up. There are mosaic tiles of different combinations of colors and shades. For their creating can be used gold, silver, aluminum and other metals or combinations of them that provide the metal reflections of the surface. They are made from colored glass but also of stone. Continue reading

Bedroom – a place for relaxation and inspiration

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Bedrooms are the places that are not usually exposed to the guests, but nice decorated bedroom greatly improves the quality of life. It must be a place where we should feel comfortable, and if is inspiring, it is an additional plus.

Bedrooms can be in different styles, sensibilities, and tastes. They can be rustic, retro, classic or modern look, it all depends on you and the other furniture in the room.

Modern bedroom

Modern bedroom

Continue reading

Interesting folding tables for small spaces

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Amazing dining table

Amazing dining table

Even if your living area is extremely small, that you can’t fit the smallest dining table, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have a cozy place for a meal. Easy disassembly and reassembly tables are very useful in small apartments if there is not enough space in the dining room. A quick set of the table especially if it’s on wheels is very useful. Continue reading

Nine ideas how to welcome the Christmas spirit

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holiday decorating

holiday decorating

Every year when December comes, holiday euphoria is all around us. Children love Christmas presents they will get and the family loves decorating the house. All those autumn colors are replaced with red and green, gold and white, the front door gets new shine with a holiday wreath, rooftops get decorated with light bulbs and a snowman will be the first to say hello when guests start to arrive. Here are some ideas how you can welcome holiday spirit. Continue reading

Modern bathrooms you will adore

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Bathroom decor

Bathroom decor

A bathroom is a place used for daily hygiene, beautification, to start and finish the hard working day. So, there are many reasons why this is a special part of the house.

Ceramic tiles are a major part of the bathroom that we pay attention when decorating a bathroom. Choosing the most beautiful ceramic tiles means the lighter tones for the small bathroom so it would appear to be bigger, and details that will break up the monotony. Continue reading

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