Top redesign of the house at Notting Hill

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Noting hill luxury house

Noting Hill luxury house

Located in the exclusive part of London, Notting Hill, the luxurious house from the middle of the last century, has been redesigning by a design studio “Maddux Creative.” Three bedroom home stretches on 325 square meters and four levels and can boast a luxurious interior, with interesting details and striking color palette.

From sumptuous living room, through a big kitchen and dining room to the bedrooms and a wine cellar, everything in this house is carefully designed out to the smallest detail. The interior is infused with a different of materials and bold color combinations that win at first glance. Continue reading

How to welcome shabby chic decor in your home

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Shabby chic living room

Shabby chic living room

The shabby chic style is originated in the UK and showed the houses in which the old, hand-painted pieces of furniture with soft colors and textures creates a pleasant and warm atmosphere.
That’s how the name was created – from the words “shabby” and “Chic.” This style is very popular because it does not require a big budget, but only great creativity. It is glorifying imperfection and natural beauty. Continue reading

Take a peek into magnificent apartment buildings, Belgrade Waterfront in Serbia

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Belgrade Waterfront

Belgrade Waterfront

In an amazing city, Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, big business and residential complex called “Belgrade Waterfront” is under construction. The project started the Government of the Republic of Serbia and the investor from the United Arab Emirates, the country known for skyscrapers, many spectacular buildings, and structures.   Continue reading

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