How to transform a garage into a small home?

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Converting garage

If you have a garage and don’t use it for cars or as a storage place, you can transform it into a beautiful small apartment. Garages have become very popular when designers showed how they can convert garages into pleasant living spaces.

With a little work and creativity, you can transform the garage into a lively and fun place to live whether, into the living room or the dining room, the possibilities are endless and even doable on a budget. Continue reading

Seven brilliant and practical ideas for your entrance hall

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Entrance hall

Entrance hall

The entrance hall is a mostly small room used for storage wardrobe and shoes. It is the first room that gives the impression of your home and usually a leading way to other rooms. Sometimes if it’s not properly designed or decorated, the entrance hall or a corridor may leave the impression that the room is blank. Here are some tips on how you can arrange amazing and practical entrance hall. Continue reading

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