How to decorate your home in the style of Latin America

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Details inspired by Latin America
Details inspired by Latin America

If you are a fan of lively colors, ethnic motifs and cute details carelessly left all around the place, then interior design inspired by Latin America is the right for you. There are many benefits of accepting warmness and vibrancy of this geographical region. First of all, you can’t make a mistake. Comparing to Asian interior design style, which is very structural and requires a lots of effort and knowledge, Latin American home decoration gives you more freedom in choice and is generally completely relaxed. There are no particular rules one should follow, and therefore, this concept is highly recommendable to easy going people, free spirits, and, of course, admirers of the amazing culture of Latin America.

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How to decorate your home in Asian style

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The real Asian style - tatami room
The real Asian style – tatami room

Serene tranquility that Asian-style interiors depict is just what we all need when we come home after every day rush. With most of us involved in a fast-paced urban lifestyle, coming to a calm and peaceful home that allows us to escape the busy and noisy reality is quite beneficial. By bringing in harmony and balance, Asian-themed rooms achieve this purpose unmistakably. Creating an Asian-inspired space, on the other hand, requires a lot of effort, since this style has many facets one should pay attention to. Let’s find out how to convert your home in a perfect Asian paradise.

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Home furnishing inspired by Africa

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African-inspired home furnishing
African-inspired home furnishing

When traveling to far away places is not possible, why not bringing those places to your home? Most people who tend to experiment with geographical regions in their interior decoration usually choose between the Asian, or western-inspired elements. In the flurry for standout home decor, the beauty of African-inspired decor stays mostly unnoticed.
African-inspired interior design is great for people who love to combine warm, ground colors, natural materials, such as wood and leather, home plants, but also for the people who prefer bright colors on tiles, furniture, or fabrics.
Let’s grasp some ideas on how to decorate your private space in the most vivid and dashing of all styles – African style.

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How Art Deco is Making a Comeback

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Art Deco is all about eclectic choices that result in the perfect marriage of flashy colors and pleasant symmetry. It is an evergreen style that’s easily molded to anyone’s taste and it’s always been in fashion — in one form or another. So it should come as no surprise that decorations inspired by Art Deco are now one of the mainstays of contemporary interior design.

So what does it look like?

A bright Art Deco-inspired living room
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How To Use Colorful Patterned Fabrics In Your Home

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The sunshine rays are peeking through our windows inviting us to move and explore, and just as we rise and stretch we remember the pandemic. 

If we still remember the pre-Covid times, most of us always wanted more time to spend in our homes, more time with our families and now here we are – at home, so let’s breathe in the yins and yangs of our world status and make the best of it.

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How to make your working space an oasis of peace and creativity

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A cosy home office

The world has changed and life in a digital era has changed working habits globally. People nowadays can work from anywhere, but many remote workers choose to work from the comfort of their homes. After realizing that a bed, a coffee table, or a kitchen island are not the best solutions during, or after a long working day, a decision to arrange and redecorate that empty room in a study is definitely a tipping point and probably the reason why your household is suddenly in a better mood.
By reading this post you will get some tips, tricks and ideas on how to make a home office a reason to love your job.
Even if you don’t need a working space in your home, having a study has many benefits. It is a space where you can peacefully read a book, do a hobby, make plans, or help kids finish their homework.

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