How Art Deco is Making a Comeback

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Art Deco is all about eclectic choices that result in the perfect marriage of flashy colors and pleasant symmetry. It is an evergreen style that’s easily molded to anyone’s taste and it’s always been in fashion — in one form or another. So it should come as no surprise that decorations inspired by Art Deco are now one of the mainstays of contemporary interior design.

So what does it look like?

A bright Art Deco-inspired living room
Art Deco kitchen in sunny tones
Art Deco kitchen layout

In general, an Art Deco-inspired interior should capture the eye with its broad space and bold outlines. However, this space ought to be gently interwoven with an array of other features that tone it down a bit. These are usually small pieces of furniture with sharp curves, cushions or carpets appliquéd with ornamental designs, geometric lamps and chandeliers, or shelf items and paintings. It can also be the very texture that complements it — be it lacquered wood, grainy sand, stark glass or marble!

Refurbished Art Deco living room
A modern Art Deco living room

Being a style that picks and chooses whatever fits well into its overarching pattern, there are always many variations. The main focus, however, has always been on a particular mode of arrangement. One item is typically a large geometric pattern and in plain view. Then others are juxtaposed next to or in front of it. This gradation is exactly what leaves such a pleasant impression on the viewer. All of it is arranged to impress, but not to overwhelm you.

Detail of an Art Deco lounge
Art Deco kitchen/dining room

On the whole, the interplay of color and ambient offers all sorts of different possibilities. Even so, Art Deco today tends to be a little more stripped-down and is typically less ornamented. Although it is no less luxurious in appearance! It is also more practical and, architecturally, features less jarring geometrical shapes. It has been transformed — and is continually transforming — into a homely style fit for everyday life. Not longer is it something out of The Great Gatsby, made only for millionaires and socialites!

A modern Art Deco lounge
A colorful modern Art Deco bedroom

A little bit of history…

Having emerged before World War One and becoming the highlight of the Roaring Twenties, all gilded and golden, it is no wonder that Art Deco has become a sort of benchmark for interior designers. The main purpose of its colorful hues and joyfully planned interior had been, after all, to soothe a tired and war-weary generation. Has it succeeded? Or will it finally succeed today, after a century?

Art Deco room from the 20s

It was the wacky new style back then, for it mixed historical influences with futurism. It combined both Western and Eastern tastes into one strange blend. However, this was the way it sought to progress with eyes dead-set on the future. And the future was made of angles and geometric patterns, bright with gilded frames and colored glass!

Old-fashioned Art Deco bedroom

Art Deco has always been purposefully exuberant. It borrows the best of Oriental designs and combines them with the aristocratic taste of Paris and Vienna. In a way, it was the first truly international style, bridging the gap between countries and cultures. It was a wacky new style However, it gradually gave way to less cumbersome styles and apparently disappeared at the outset of World War Two.

Parisian Art Deco furnishings

Back to the present

Yet the style had not disappeared entirely. It seems like it was just lying in wait, hidden, looking for the right moment to appear again. During this time, it interacted with different new styles and was influenced by them. Absorbing all these new elements, Art Deco would resurge again in the 80s — all pink and glittering like a newborn, proving again how adaptable and forever young it was.

Barbara Streisand’s Malibu home
A Reimagined Art Deco room from the 80s

Its adaptability is what had allowed it to survive. It may have lain dormant for a while, but its ever-appealing look is, it appears, truly for all time. Not only that, but as with all vintage or vintage-inspired styles — such as shabby chic — old styles are inevitably loved by many: both by laymen and aficionados. And this nostalgia is also something Art Deco would rely on up to today. For example, now it often incorporates pop references, as well as references to different subcultures. And the overall aesthetic of Art Deco is so malleable that you could apply it to any and every living space!

Art Deco can certainly make an interior more colorful and engaging. However, the colors can also be subdued and the background made more plain. The latter depends entirely on your own personal taste. Of course, you should feel free to experiment with both the color palette and the arrangement (and choice!) of furniture. This is one style that’s always open to your input!

Is it really back in fashion?

Ask no further — it is and it has been for a while now. Quietly, almost unknowingly, it has made a comeback. But it is here anew. Of course, it’s almost always married to other styles. The old cumbersome style of the Roaring Twenties is gone, but here is something much sweeter. And it’s, moreover, much more fitting for modern times. One thing’s for certain —you won’t regret it if you choose to redo your home in any of the wondrous ways Art Deco offers!

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