Extraordinary bathroom sinks you have never seen before

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Small Bath Sinks in bathroom
Decorating a bathroom is not an easy task. We need to pay attention to design and style and at the same time to make sure all appliances fit perfectly into space. However, a new trend began in the sphere of design and decoration of the bathroom sink with impressive graphics décor and unique sink. If you made an effort for your bathroom to look elegant and one color dominates it, sink with colorful graphics will be a perfect decoration for the bathroom. Such detail will give the area a contemporary, modern look with a touch of creativity. Continue reading

10 Unique bookshelves that will blow your mind

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Reading bookshelf

Reading bookshelf


An interesting and unusual shelf can make a miracle in your interior. It doesn’t matter whether it’s for books or other small items, you can use your creativity and avoid standard boring shelves. These are some of the most creative shelves that will blow your mind.

To make bookshelves custom to your space but you do not have to hire a carpenter. We suggest creative ideas that with a little skill, you can do by yourself. Continue reading

Which shade of green is this year trend?

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Greenery is fashion queen for 2017

Institute for the color “Pantone” is the undisputed authority on color and what will be trendy. For a real fashion queen this year, Pantone choose green shade called greenery. After shades of pink Quartz and serenity bright blue color, for this year is greenery Pantone 15-0343, refreshing color of new beginnings.
Greenery is an inspiring combination of citrus green shade and this year it will dominate the world of fashion, industrial and interior design. The color symbolizes hope and our relationship with nature, and it is inspired by the color of early spring. Continue reading

Is quartz better choice than marble and granite?

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The choice between marble, granite, and quartz depends on the aesthetic impact you want to achieve and how the stone will be subjected to use. They all are very different from each other, and the biggest difference lies in their porosity, softness, and durability.

Granite and marble have always been the most expensive material for the worktop in the kitchen.

Granite and stainless steel

Granite and stainless steel

Continue reading

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