How to make your working space an oasis of peace and creativity

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A cosy home office

The world has changed and life in a digital era has changed working habits globally. People nowadays can work from anywhere, but many remote workers choose to work from the comfort of their homes. After realizing that a bed, a coffee table, or a kitchen island are not the best solutions during, or after a long working day, a decision to arrange and redecorate that empty room in a study is definitely a tipping point and probably the reason why your household is suddenly in a better mood.
By reading this post you will get some tips, tricks and ideas on how to make a home office a reason to love your job.
Even if you don’t need a working space in your home, having a study has many benefits. It is a space where you can peacefully read a book, do a hobby, make plans, or help kids finish their homework.

Purpose is the key

Furniture, its arrangement and decoration depend on the purpose of your future study. In case you want it just for reading, or moments of solitude, then bookshelves, a nice sofa, or few armchairs surrounding a coffee table would make the study a great place to spend your leisure time. Add a small laptop desk in a corner for surfing the internet, or listening to music, pick some nice details, make a coffee, get some cookies, and enjoy it!
But if you are a person who just have to bring the work home due to a great responsibility, many unfinished projects, or you are simply a freelancer, or a remote worker, then proper desk, an ergonomic office chair and maybe a cupboard are a must. Be guided by your needs and choose all elements wisely to make the most of your study.

A big home office space
Home library

Bring the light in

A bright study

Many researches have been done in order to find connection between a light and a frame of a human’s mind. And there is no doubt – spending hours in a dark room can make you disconsolate. Not to mention it can decrease productivity and make you sleepy. That is why a big window, a room positioned on an eastern, or a western side of the apartment, or at least good illumination are the things one should definitely consider when rearranging a room into a study. Additional lighting, such as desk lamps, floor lamps, LED lighting stripes, or chains are necessary for they are not only practical, but incredibly decorative as well. If the chosen room has French or roof windows, that gives you immense possibilities when it comes to lighting.
If you plan to use this room as a place of relaxation, candles and dimmer switches are excellent options.

Roof window
A desk lamp


Either big, or small, your study is just right if you learn to use its space. Big rooms are great because you can install more bookshelves, move that big sofa from a living room, or even do some yoga before the lunch break. If your study is very big, maybe dividing it into two separate areas by using an open or closed bookshelf, or a folding room divider would be a great way to use the space properly, or even make two small study rooms for you and another householder. On the other hand, small rooms are cuter and it is easier to add them a personal touch.

A small cute study

For small apartments, refurbishing one room to be a study sometimes is not an option. Instead, redecorating a corner in the living room, or even in the kitchen may provide enough comfort.

A study corner in the kitchen


Regarding small personal details, unless you prefer minimalism, surround yourself with the things you love and care for. Whether those things are favorite and the most useful books, photos of the people and places you love, small gifts, plants, or a bed for your pet, making your study cosy and personal is going to help your efficiency and positive attitude. When you know what you work for, it is much easier to go back on track when things get tiring.
On the other hand, if you find pets and photos too distracting, if you need better focus and structure, getting a big wall calendar, or organizer, maybe an interesting picture, or a print is another way to make the study more suitable to your preferences.

An elegant study

Whether big, or small, relaxing and full of small, decorative details, or simple and minimalist, bright, or candle lit, study is the room that define its owner the most. It is the room where we work, create, learn and grow in many different ways. It is the mirror of our mind and habits. Making it just right is an important part of our path to success.

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