What is the right way to decorate your home?

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Home decor
Home decor

“ The details are not the details. They make the design.” – Charles Eames

Adding details is the last but favorite part of decorating a home. It brings soul and represents people who live there.  

Sometimes, placing a lot of decor in the room can make the house messy and chaotic. According to your personal style, find the right decoration and make your home more beautiful. 

How to decor your coffee table?

Coffee table decor
Coffee table decor

A coffee table is in the high traffic area at home, and it should be well decorated. We usually spend time with our friends and welcome guests on the sofa. 

One of the popular decorations is with books. Place two or three books on the coffee table and a figure or little vase on them. It looks very classy if you choose books with a fashion or interior design theme. 

If you have a square coffee table, pick a quadrant and place books, a small plant or a vase, a tray and a bowl or a clay. 

Trays as a must-have in decoration 


Trays are not expensive and otherwise their textures make the spot more pleasant and with accessories on the tray, everything looks neat. 

Pay attention to choosing the right tray for the coffee table. If you have a round table, a round tray won’t look nice on it. A round coffee table matches perfectly with a square or rectangular tray. Place a tray with decor on it. A nice plant fits fits excellent on the tray.

Decorate your dining table 

Dining table decor
Dining table decor

A dining table has a longer surface where we can add details and make the space pretty while we don’t use it for eating. 

  • Place a nice tablecloth over the dining table. -Choose a fruit bowl and fill it with seasonal fruits. This kind of decor will make the table as a home.
  • A vase with seasonal flowers is always a good idea.
  • Buy a ceramic, glass, or decorated bowl and fill it with candies or some sweets.
  • Candles, especially with candleholders, will achieve an elegant look.
  • Little plants in pots will look nice on the dining table.

When you put a few decors on your dining table, choose odd numbers.

Is the decor in the hallway important?

Hallway decor
Hallway decor

As the hallway is the first thing that we see when we enter the house, it’s essential to make it a beautiful and welcoming area for your guests and yourself.

  • A nice mirror is a perfect decor for the hallway. -You can also put a picture on the wall. 
  • A decorated key holder is an excellent idea for keeping your keys there. Except it will make the spot cute. It’s also very functional and you will avoid looking for your keys.
  • If you want to make this area more welcoming, place a bowl with candies on the dresser.
  • A gallery wall brings a warm atmosphere in the hallway. Another perfect spot for it is a stairway wall.

Fireplace is a perfect spot for decoration 

Fireplace decor
Fireplace decor

A fireplace is a perfect spot for decorating it for Christmas, Easter and all holidays. Placing photo frames on the mantel is a marvelous idea. You can also add decorative candles or a ceramic figure beside photos. If you don’t have a TV above the fireplace, place a nice painting or a clock there. 

Make your bedroom prettier with decor

Bedroom decor
Bedroom decor

A bedroom is a relaxing area at home, so use some relaxing colors, such as natural colors. Place a picture above the bed. Dressers are an excellent spot for a nice jewelry box. 

Decorate your bed with a few cushions and a blanket on it. 

Don’t forget your bathroom!

Bathroom decor

Place small plants in the bathroom. Plastic plants are a perfect choice for bathrooms.You can put them above the toilet, on the mirror,etc.Use rattan containers for towels and toiletries.

All rooms in the house deserve to be decorated and beautiful.

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