If you like glam and shine, you will love French style living rooms

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French style living room

French style living room

Living room in the French style will create a unique sense of sophistication in your home. This style is beautiful, chic and if you like elegant and sophisticated living room, you will not go wrong if you choose for the French style of interior design. Keep in mind that the French style excludes symmetry in everything, from the lighting to layout of the sofa. It is acceptable to pair chairs of different sizes and lamps of different heights. French style is one of the few styles that never go out of fashion. Essential things that make French style are a wealth of materials, crystal chandeliers, carved furniture. The key is small things that make this style a unique and elegant. Refine your space with exceptionally padded pieces of furniture with floral pattern. This way of decorating includes generous use of wood, metal in shades of rust and paint that contribute to the impression of frazzle.
There are two ways to decorate a room in a French style: the traditional and extravagance. If you choose a traditional style, don’t attempt to reproduce the interior of Versailles. You can still find inspiration in the luxurious interior and try to apply everything that French style makes so attractive today. Find a headboard that is made of natural materials such as silk and linen, but keeps in mind the rest of the decor, so the room doesn’t feel stifled.

Blue Wall Color for Living Room

Blue Wall Color for Living Room

The walls in vibrant blue or royal imperial shades discreetly give the impression of a French style, and by adding white paint on the ceiling, or on individual plaster work, you will achieve the desired effect. For the even bigger impression, paint the fireplace in white and make it looks exploited. Properly styled furniture is essential in creating French style. A key element when it comes to furniture is the color that should give the impression of dilapidation. Consider the furniture with some curvy silhouettes and intriguing details. Windows from floor to ceiling are typical for French decor. They can be the perfect scene if well decorated with beautiful French curtains made of transparent materials or heavy silk curtains decorated with fringe. The presence of gold color as a decorative element is acceptable if you do not overdo it because then the decor may look cheap and kitschy.

living room in a French style

Living room in a French style

Antique shops and markets are great places to find a unique piece of furniture. Even if the piece of furniture doesn’t match, the overall interior it could be easily recycled to be a perfect fit. Living room with French style should enrich with colorful pillows. They provide comfort when sitting and can be excellent decorative details if they contain gold or colored tassels.

Lovely living room with colorful details

Lovely living room with colorful details

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