Five tips and tricks on how to use organizers

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Organization ideas
Organization ideas

“For every minute spent in organizing, an hour is earned.”

Organizers are a cheap investition, but very helpful in keeping home tidy and well-organized. We can use them in every part of the house. It’s perfect when you know exactly where something is, without look for it at home, especially when you are in a hurry. Even if you don’t buy organizers, you can make them. With used boxes, make a cardboard organizer. Let’s see how you can use them in your home.

Use it in the kitchen 

Kitchen organizers
Kitchen organizers

We have a lot of things in the kitchen. The kitchen is one of the most frequently used areas at home. As we prepare and cook meals every day, we seek different supplies in the kitchen. Drawers sometimes can be really messy and we can be lost seeking rubber bands. To avoid that, use organizers. Put them in drawers and classify all little kitchen things in one drawer. Put shopping bags in one corner, biscuit baking models in another one. Things that you do not use every day, put in the last drawer. Frequently used things, such as spices, put in the upper drawer, and classify them. Spices for baking, cooking, and desserts. Classify sweets and snacks in different boxes. 

You can use organizers in the pantry, too. Make organizers with baskets or containers. Classify fruits, vegetables, cans in them. Label all boxes and your pantry will be perfectly organized. You can look for more pantry organizing ideas here

Make your stuff in bedroom tidy

Bedroom organizers
Bedroom organizers

There are various ideas for using organizers in the bedroom. Let’s start with drawers. 

  • Use organizers for putting belts, panties, and bras inside. 
  • Keep jewelery organized and classify rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets in them.
  • Organize winter accessories and keep in order gloves, scarfs, and hats.
  • A common problem is that we cannot find another sock. To avoid that, use organizers for socks.
  • If you like sunglasses and have many pairs of them, organize them and save them from scratching.

Classify makeup with organizers

Makeup organizers
Makeup organizers

Women’s paradise can be often messy. Preparing for work or going outside, especially when we don’t have enough time, we are confronted with situations where we cannot find the right brush or lipstick. 

  • Organize all brushes in one container, or if you have a lot of brushes, classify them for different purposes. 
  • Put lipsticks in another corner. You can organize them in different tones. Put lipsticks ‌you use during the day in one group and lipsticks for a night out or special occasions in another group.
  • Classify eye crayons, eyebrow crayons, and lipstick pencils in different groups. It will save time looking for a black eye crayon among all those similar pencils. 
  • Divide compact and blush powders. I often pack them in similar packages, so it will be easier for you when you know where to look for them.

Organize your first aid at home

First Aid organizers
First aid organizers

Have you ever had a situation where you look for headache medicine, but you cannot find it among all medicines in the box? Avoid that situation and make it well-organized. You don’t need a medicine cabinet for keeping them. Use a container and put organizers inside. First, what you can do is to classify them for purposes. Let one category be for traveling, another one for aches, the third one for vitamins, the next one for diarrhea, etc. Now you have all the pills in the perfect order. Keep one corner for bends and scar-reducing plasters. Keep liquids in the special group. 

Important tip is to keep medicines away from light and moistures to prevent damaging them.

Organizers in your office

Office organizers
Office organizers

Either you go to the office or have an office at home, make your work day easy for you. Even if you will speed up the process and make work more productive, you will always have a well-organized office desk. Don´t waste time looking for a paper clip in drawers. Put all paper clips in one box, staples in another one, pushpin in the next corner, etc. For pencils or markers, you can also use old cans or plastic glasses. 

You can use organizers for filing documents. If you want to categorize them by years or different purposes, use organizers. You can also classify them with different colors or use labels. Labels are perfect for all kinds of organizers. 

A golden rule is that a good organization is the key to everything. Implement this rule in your home and get the key to a tidy home. 

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