A tidy home without shelves? Impossible!

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Shelves are an essential piece of domestic equipment that has been around since our civilization left the caves and started creating first houses. While the oldest shelf, for what we know dated in 8th century, was made of a simple panel attached to a vertical surface, there are now thousands of different types of shelves available to the average person. Among the things we never think about, but they are all around us are certainly shelves. Whether they are hanging, rotating, or free-standing, wooden, metal, or glass, angular, curved, or corner, whether we use them to place books, dishes, towels, accessories, or make-up, we can’t arrange our interior properly without them, that’s for sure.

Many connected wall shelves
Many connected wall shelves
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Home furnishing inspired by Africa

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African-inspired home furnishing
African-inspired home furnishing

When traveling to far away places is not possible, why not bringing those places to your home? Most people who tend to experiment with geographical regions in their interior decoration usually choose between the Asian, or western-inspired elements. In the flurry for standout home decor, the beauty of African-inspired decor stays mostly unnoticed.
African-inspired interior design is great for people who love to combine warm, ground colors, natural materials, such as wood and leather, home plants, but also for the people who prefer bright colors on tiles, furniture, or fabrics.
Let’s grasp some ideas on how to decorate your private space in the most vivid and dashing of all styles – African style.

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Magnificent mosaic tiles for beautiful home

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Mosaic tiles in recent years have become very popular. These tiles are easy to manipulate and set up. There are mosaic tiles of different combinations of colors and shades. For their creating can be used gold, silver, aluminum and other metals or combinations of them that provide the metal reflections of the surface. They are made from colored glass but also of stone. Continue reading

Eight great ideas for a small kitchen

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Small kitchens are much more common in modern living areas, then a large kitchen. Most of the apartments and townhouses have a small kitchen. For those who enjoy cooking, a small kitchen can really be a problem. The kitchen usually has piles of appliances, dishes and other tools that are often used by skilled chefs. These appliances typically take up a lot of space, so that the kitchen should be really well designed.

1. Make a hanging bar for pots

To save some space and make your pots always available when you need them, and you will need them every single day, make a hanging bar for your pots. You can make a hanging bar from the ceiling or simply use an empty space on the wall.

ideas for a small kitchen

ideas for a small kitchen

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