Chandeliers for your home

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Luxury Living Room Chandelier

Luxury Living Room Chandelier

When it comes to the lighting without hesitation, the best choice for the living room and dining room, are chandeliers. Depending on the wishes and the interior, choose modern or classical ones.

The chandelier was always a detail that draws attention and looks. It is clear that when choosing one should pay special attention to all the circumstances. The chandelier over the dining table will make the dining room looks centralized and harmonious, it will become the focus of events in the interior and the first thing you will see when you enter the room. Continue reading

Decorating Thanksgiving table tips and tricks

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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving day started celebrating a long time ago in 1621. when the first settlers came searching for the New World. Since only half of them survived that first year, their native friends showed them how to survive with the crops, catching wild animals and fishing. They were thankful for the blessings of harvest and they started celebrating food that was on the table. Continue reading

Eight great ideas for a small kitchen

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Small kitchens are much more common in modern living areas, then a large kitchen. Most of the apartments and townhouses have a small kitchen. For those who enjoy cooking, a small kitchen can really be a problem. The kitchen usually has piles of appliances, dishes and other tools that are often used by skilled chefs. These appliances typically take up a lot of space, so that the kitchen should be really well designed.

1. Make a hanging bar for pots

To save some space and make your pots always available when you need them, and you will need them every single day, make a hanging bar for your pots. You can make a hanging bar from the ceiling or simply use an empty space on the wall.

ideas for a small kitchen

ideas for a small kitchen

How about hang bar under the spices shelve?  Continue reading

Inspiring Ideas for a small balcony

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No matter how small your balcony is, it is your little piece of heaven and the oasis of comfort and joy. Especially when the sun is shining, a cup of coffee or tea and a good book can give you incredible relaxing moments.

Beautiful small balcony

Beautiful small balcony

However, for every small space, we should consider and optimize every detail. Here are some fantastic ideas that will increase your pleasure.

Put only necessary things on your balcony-siting spot and a small table. Decorate your fence with pretty flowers and some interesting detail and your balcony is ready for relaxing.

Make a cozy spot for reading with soft pillows. When you need a relaxing moment, you’ll know where to find them.

If you love plants, use pots with flowers in the corners or hang climber trees. Continue reading

Curtains for every room

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Curtains and drapes are used to decorate your living space and space for business, but in addition to aesthetics, the curtains have a great functional role, which provides heat and sound insulation.

Depending on the development of curtains – sewing, composition, color, fabric, design and material achieve effects that provide a feeling of peace and warmth.

The new detail will immediately refresh the room and accentuate your personality.


Long orange drapes

Long orange drapes Continue reading

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